The easy way to capacity utilization

The utilization of your company at a glance

Various variants of capacity planning

Our various infoBoard Business Controllers for capacity planning and availability in your organization provide you with an overview of the capacity or the degree of utilization of your resources and their availability. By default you can see a period of three months. Each of the three infoBoard Business Controllers covers a special field of capacity planning due to its special features.

Check the utilization of your employees

The infoBoard Business Controller "BC Capacity" gives you an accurate graphical overview of the utilization and capacity of each department of your company in hours. Due to the red limit, you always have in mind when individual departments are going to overloaded. The time filter allows you to perform an evaluation for any period of time. The second figure shows an example of a congested organization.

Daily evaluation

Another variant of the infoBoard capacity planning is the business controller "BC Capacity Daily". The difference to "BC Capacity" is that capacity and capacity can be monitored every single day and not just over a period of time. Through the detailed daily view, holidays and weekends are filtered out of the statistics, so that you get an evaluation of the exclusively productive days in your company.

Detaillierte Wochenauswertung

The "BC Capacity Overview Dept" business controller provides an overview of total non-working hours and downtime, total working time and free capacity per week. The total work hours of the employees in a department are displayed exactly, the absence hours are deducted from the total working time. This gives you an accurate depiction of the capacity in% and can use this evaluation to plan your resources better in the future.

Staff availability

The following infoBoard application displays the planned availability of personnel in blue and the actual availability in yellow per calendar week in a time period that you specify.

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