The easy way to commissioning of refrigeration systems

Projects for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems should be put into operation quickly.

Bring your technicians on the point - with integrated planning

With the infoBoard planning software, all processes of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology are displayed and controlled flexibly and easily via an intuitive graphical interface. Quick delegation of activities, complete overview of current orders - with these features, you are able to adapt planning changes appropriately and respond directly to customer requests.


Thanks to simple and flexible handling, the infoBoard Planning board enables efficient planning for projects in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. You can integrate three or five excel tables on one infoBoard Planning board. Plan the construction sites as projects with milestones, filter the deadlines for purchasing or commissioning to detect bottlenecks early. Project managers maintain the most important events and key information in your area transparently. The specialist areas plan their fitters on the construction sites, the service plans the technicians on a daily basis for assignments and distributes the emergency services to the entire team.

100 projects planned - with the help of the infoBoard Planning board

Thanks to its simple and flexible handling, the infoBoard Planning board allows efficient planning for refrigeration and air conditioning. With its intuitive interface, the software offers the high user-friendliness. Simple features like zooming in or out in the calendar create an ideal overview.

With infoBoard you have your appointments always in view. The use of the planning software in your day-to-day business increases the order intake and customer satisfaction of your orders and optimizes your resource planning. For a correct order fulfillment, you receive automatic timer reminders - for example when commissioning new systems or supplying new systems and components.

Each planner has the possibility to see who is currently processing which order, which is initially planned and who is responsible for it, and which has already been completed. In addition, Planning board informs other employees via a client-server application - transparently and in real-time. In addition, mobile timekeeping provides information on the current processing status of the orders. If required, the infoBoard planning software can also be integrated into other systems: via interfaces - uni- and bidirectional - all jobs and associated information can be visualized on the interface without duplicate input.

In addition, the software provides Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), which allows you to reduce the time to schedule your workflows and avoid bottlenecks. You can efficiently plan multiple projects to monitor KPIs using the CCPM dashboard. The system can show you a critical path of resource-bound tasks and monitor remaining buffer times. This shortens order times and allows you to execute your project runs as quickly as possible.

  • The Module infoBoard Time offers the installers the mobile recording of project times and daily reports.
  • The Module infoBoard SyncTool Server allows you to synchronize your order data with the Planning board.

  • With the module infoBoard SyncExchange Server, the tasks on the Plantafel can be synchronized with the employee's Outlook calendars.

  • The infoBoard Converter module takes any data from any order management system, converts it into the infoBoard format and writes the data records into the tables of the infoBoard SyncTool server.

  • The plantafel is evaluated with the module  infoBoard Business Controller and analyzed in various business charts.

  • You can also use the Map-Modul and display the scheduled tasks in a global map view.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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