infoBopard Planung in der Zerspanungstechnik

The easy way to precise forms

Powerful machining thanks to the infoBoard planning board software.

Optimize production orders to fully utilize machines; more quality in machining through graphic design.

With the infoBoard planning board software, you control all processes in the machining process. Your daily updated overview of order processing ensures delivery dates - bottlenecks are detected early on.

The planning board always aims at planning efficiency: machine utilization and production orders are coherently planned. So, you can optimize material flow, production set-offs and cross-sectorally define machining sequences. You'll quickly see free capacity to fully utilize machines. Flexible rescheduling equivalent resources are easily possible.

The software ensures all company-wide planning  with integrated task and vacation planning. And, critical to precision in your sector: The graphic design is always simple and their effects can be overlooked at any time.

Simple planning of complex machining processes- with the infoBoard planning board.

infoBoard is an easy and clear tool for coordinating all machining operations and cutting techniques. You can flexibly assign tasks to machines and employees, determine the order of tasks and set priorities. Employees can look at important information all the time: The planning board shows the status of current tasks and the utilization of resources in each department.

If there are schedule changes because of new parameters they can be implemented immediately. Wether maintenance or unscheduled repairs, staff unavailability, additional customer requests or other cases - infoBoard changes your plans efficiently. The visiual information of the software is your support - for example when assigning machine capabilites to objects or setting downtimes.

Responsible persons are able to insert changes into the planning board at any moment. Employees only must be contacted by telephone if changes have to be done immediatley. Assigning projects to employees and machine is clearly visiualised (which product is produced at which machine and when?) and the communication within the company improves. infoBoard increases the adherence to schedules  minimizing your risk and supporting your reliability. Moreover the planning board shows improvement possibilites for your business processes in a new best practice.

For planning with infoBoard, more applications are available:

  • The module infoBoard SyncTool Server synchronizes your database with the planning board.
  • Our browser-based WebView Applications give access to processing lists directly at the workplace. You can also register unit numbers, start, interrupt or finish tasks.
  • The additional Business Controller Applications evaluate the production showing optimization potential for your processes.



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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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