infoBoard Planung im Maschinen- und Anlagebau

The simple way to smart construction.

Effectively implement mechanical and plant engineering - thanks to a clear plan with infoBoard.

Set your resources optimally in each project phase - with graphic design.

infoBoard is the flexible and intuitive planning tool for efficient processes in machine and plant engineering. With daily updated display of task and order processing, warning functions, bottlenecks, and transparent capacity planning, the planning board software is designed for one purpose: to determine delivery dates and reliably comply.

In addition to the overview of all running processes, the planning software provides options for the integration of task and vacation planning, material supply and resource planning. Pending tasks across departments are processed with priority. Predictability and transparency therefore increases company-wide.

All those with responsibility can always use the software. And the easy-to-use planning through the graphical interface always provides easily understandable results.

Get the infoBoard mechanical and plant engineering fitted for industry 4.0.

With the infoBoard, software projects of any size in machinery and equipment are clearly planned - for digitized processes according to the pattern of the industry 4.0. The intuitive application allows for straightforward process management. For tasks, you can easily determine order priorities and flexibly assign to-dos to employees. The processing status of current orders and resource utilization. In addition, the core of the planning process in each division is transparent.

The planning board enables rapid response to changing conditions. Whether availability of staff, customer requests for additional, short deliveries or other possibilities - you can customize the existing planning immediately. You will be supported in setting the new order by numerous visual information of the software - for example by Leave of capabilities of objects or machines on the populate downtime. Employees must be informed immediately by phone only about any changes that are due.

infoBoard serves all those responsible within a company as a central tool for planning and execution. Thanks to the visual mapping of tasks to employees (who does what, when and where?) the Planning Board manages, reviews and improves communication in operation. The optimized design increases the on-time delivery - your risk is minimized and you are still reliable for customers.

In addition to planning, infoBoard helps you to get to know your property better. Problems in the process can be identified and resolved in a team. The planning results provide the basis to improve business processes in a new best practice - for the benefit of your business and your customers.

  • With the module infoBoard SyncTool Server, you are able to synchronize your order data with the Planning Board.



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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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