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Efficient Assembly with the infoBoard planning software

infoBoard - the planning software for your assembly works

The infoBoard planning board delivers all the information required for your assembly work. The visualization gives a great overview of all your current and future installation processes. The planning tool allows a flexible and transparent structure planning of your assembly. Subtasks can be arranged in chronological order and operated from any planer.

The processing stage and the resource utilization can be examined and operated at any time to ensure an ideal workload distribution. All installation processes can be planned cross-functionally and prioritized to visualize the importance of certain tasks. The graphic interface provides a simple but effective planning possibility with results that simplify your installation planning process.

Efficient resource planning with the graphical interface

The infoBoard planning software gives you full control over all your assembly related business operations: Thanks to infoBoard you always know where your installation parts are and who is responsible for the process. Priority and order can be determined flexibly and tasks can be assigned to the staff which allows an effective resource planning. Furthermore, adapts your planning schedule in case staff failure and other changes, which might concern the process planning, occur.

Since every planer is able to control every single step in the installation process, infoBoard ensures a high planning security. The board enables companies to have a concise overview of resource utilization, cost estimation and increases internal communication.

Due to the infoBoard planning board’s Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) tool, harmful multitasking can be prevented and maintenance processes can be limited to a reasonable degree which goes along with available resources. It enables planers to prioritize certain operations to ensure a punctual completion of important processes. Furthermore CCPM encourages an ideal handling of installation related tasks, controlling these and related buffer times. This leads to a more efficient implementation of assembly related procedures, increased reliability of deadline compliance and shortened cycle times


• The infoBoard SyncTool Server module is able to synchronize your order data with the planning board. 

• The infoBoard Business Controller module provides evaluation of the planning board and a clear presentation of the analysis in the form of business charts

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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