Planung der Montagetermine und der Miterbeiter Fahrzeug Einsatzes

The easy way to an excellent profile.

Quality consciously planning window installation and construction - with the infoBoard planning board software.

Optimal use of resources, schedule appointments via drag & drop - perfect sequences thanks to the planning board.

With the infoBoard planning software, all processes for the installation and construction of windows are made flexible and easy with an intuitive and controllable graphical interface. Fast at delegating activities, with a complete overview of current orders - these features allow you to appropriately adjust project plans and directly respond to customer inquiries.

The user-friendly planning board keeps you informed at all times about precise planning statuses - whether it is for window assembly or the completion date of production. In addition, you can manage sick leave, vacation planning, equipment maintenance, as well as the fleet management center and combine it with your daily business. This enables you to identify capacity constraints and attune your planning accordingly.

For satisfied customers: plan and construct windows efficiently with infoBoard

The infoBoard Planning Board is made possible thanks to simple and flexible handling plans for efficient windows and window assemblies. With its intuitive interface, the software offers maximum ease of use. Simple features such as zoom in or out on the calendar quickly create an overview.

Keep your appointments always in view with infoBoard. By integrating the planning board functions during daily business, you can improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction and optimize your resource planning. Automatic appointment reminders assist in proper order fulfillment. For example, in the delivery of shutters or reviewing the appointment confirmations with window installation.

With regard to the core question of planning, i.e. of when and which resource or which is in use, the planning board keeps more employees informed using  a client-server application - transparently and in real time. In addition, mobile time tracking provides feedback on the status of assembly and production.

The software works as a stand-alone solution to your job management. Upon request, they can also be integrated into your system: Interfaces: uni- and bi-directional. All jobs and related information are visualized without double entry on the surface.

infoBoard simplifies complex order management and business processes are visualized by time-honored Planning Board methodology, and supplemented by useful software functions. Separate statements or Excel spreadsheets to order holidays and assembly planning are unnecessary.

All information on jobs managed by the planning board software can be evaluated by the Business Controlling module so that you are able to detect early production peaks. You also get accurate empirical data for future planning decisions. The Business Controller is precisely tailored to customer requirements.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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