Trainings and Workshops

Visualization and planning technics

You have decided to visualize your appointments and deadlines in order to plan them more efficiently. Learn how to reach your goal.

Theme areas and content

  • Concepts for visualization, symbols, time respect of planning
  • Illustration of your business on the planning board
  • Set up of the planning board in stanzas and rows
  • Get to know global and local settings
  • Calendar: See all alternatives and understand connections
  • Learn about functions of the planning objects and planning groups and how to use them
  • Consign products and services, utilize capacities, configure standardized procedures
  • Deposition of standardized procedures on the planning board, possibilities for analysing
  • Shortage of resources and finding solutions
  • End signals, conditions, rules, alarms
  • Set up multidimensionalities
  • Roles, rights, filtres and stanza rights
  • Evaluation with the controlling module
  • Data import into the small business module, planning of new orders
  • Project views with WebView Projectchart, analysing with the business process modules

Workshop- the individual development of your business planning

Together with our lecturers you will work on establishing the best practice for your requirements profile for production planning, project planning or montage planning

Workshops exceed the content of product trainings and put your business' situation at the centre of attention. We will provide you with detailed information via the infoBoard planning software and also our mobile solutions.

  • Define and use roles, filters, administration rights for planning boards and rows
  • Structure work-shifts
  • Time structuring and break time regulations
  • Learn about concepts of visualization of infoBoard
  • Try and fix degrees of detail
  • Planning downtime, validity periods, validity features
  • Set up multidimensionalities
  • Consultation and conjoint developementof a best practice
  • infoBoard SyncTool Server database interface, three planning options
  • Import of examples
  • Definition of stanza filters
  • Learn about multiple modules: Controlling with infoBoard
  • Different WebViews, different daily evaluations for co-workers
  • Support with the implementation of infoBoard
  • The panel and variations of pre-defined planning objects


     We will happily answer any questions about our workshops and arrange an appointment with you.

     There are 3 options:

    1.  Workshop on-premise at your site (4-6 participants)
    2.  Workshop at infoBoard in Melbourne, Australia
    3.  Online workshop via TeamViewer


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