Instandhaltung: Verfügbarkeit erhöhen mit infoBoard

The easy way to reliable maintenance.

More economical maintenance and repairs thanks to the infoBoard planning board software.

Simply optimize maintenance: Determine maintenance intervals with graphic design.

With infoBoard you can - thanks to flexible and intuitive handling - manage maintenance operations efficient and organize them very easily. The planning software quickly provides oversight to the day's tasks and order processing, and provides an early warning of shortages. And you can react immediately - so that you comply with maintenance intervals and dates.

In this case, the central planning tool allows every planner access to the information input. The graphic design is user-friendly, the results are easily understood. Recent maintenance and repair work can be cross-sectorally processed with priority.

Planning reliability is increasing in all departments: Because with infoBoard, you get an overview of maintenance and freelancers capacity and can economically schedule maintenance - for optimum machine cycle times and lower costs.

Processes that are always one hundred percent compatible: Plan maintenance with infoBoard.

With infoBoard, you have efficient control over your maintenance processes: For maintenance and repair orders, you set the priority or sequence and flexibly assign employees the necessary tasks. The central information is transparent across the enterprise at all times. For in every area, the planning board illustrates the processing status of current orders and resource utilization.

Even changing circumstances throw your maintenance planning off track. Whether these are failures of employees, customer requests for additional, unscheduled repairs or other imponderables - with infoBoard, you can arrange the orders flexibly. You will be supported in planning by numerous visual information sources. Employees must be called only when changes must be implemented immediately.

All stakeholders in the company can use the central planning board as a tool for planning and execution. Clear visual mapping of tasks to employees (who does what, when and where?) facilitates communication among themselves.

Maintenance planning with infoBoard ensures cost-effectiveness: Compliance with maintenance intervals reduce the risk of defaults and enable the optimization of machining times. In addition, you can feel the basis of the planning results optimization potential during operation: to identify and improve maintenance processes in a new best practice for the benefit of your business problems and processes.

infoBoard can be integrated into almost any environment. You can move the items from the Outlook appointment list by dragging & dropping them onto the planning board.

  • With the module infoBoard SyncTool Server, you are able to synchronize your maintenance and repair contracts with the Planning Board.



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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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