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The easy way to make deadlines.

Streamline your manufacturing processes with infoBoard scheduling software.

Increase your capacity for production with clear and flexible scheduling.

As intuitive planning software, infoBoard allows you to coordinate all your production processes with maximum flexibility. For it is focused on one goal: to meet your delivery deadline.

You will receive the status of their orders on a daily basis - and so oversee all production processes. The infoBoard integrates the main influencing factors: from task and vacation planning resource management to the coordination of maintenance and repairs to production. With the planning board, you can prevent bottlenecks early on. The software delivers effective capacity planning for prioritizing manufacturing steps. Participants can incorporate changes to all of the production planning. And thanks to the graphical interface, you can rest assured that everything is understandable and easy to perform.

Plan your capacity smartly at any time with infoBoard.

With infoBoard, your planning will succeed in every detail: Each step in production can be flexibly assigned to machines or employees - even for digitized production processes along the lines of industry 4.0. You determine the sequence of the production process and the priority of the completion of a product. With the cross-sectoral planning board,you can make the processing status of orders visible and the utilization of the resources in your organization transparent.

Whether it is the failure of a machine by maintenance or repair, changed delivery requirements of customers or illness of an employee - with infoBoard, required short-term plan adjustments are easily feasible. Many of the visual information sources of the software facilitate the re-organization of production processes. The Planning Board is responsible for all as a central tool and supports the flow of information. Employees only need to be informed of last-minute changes by telephone when new requirements must be implemented immediately.

The clear visual mapping of tasks to machines or employees (who, when, where) provides clarity and facilitates communication among themselves. Production planning with infoBoard ensures on-time delivery, reduces the risk of delayed delivery and makes you more reliable to your customers.

With the planning board, you gain valuable insight into your operations for internal analysis and optimizations, such as for a new best practice in manufacturing processes - for the benefit of your business and your customers.

For production planning with infoBoard our offer includes the following modules:

  • The infoBoard SyncTool Server module is used for synchronization of order data held by the planning board - the open interface accepts data from all systems. The infoBoard data converter is connected for individual cases.
  • The infoBoard Business Controller module provides evaluation of the planning board and a clear presentation of the analysis in the form of business charts.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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