Multiprojektplanung mit infoBoard

The easy way to reach project goals.

Resource-oriented scheduling of your client projects with infoBoard.

Preserve an overview each time - all the way from the resources to the final appointment.

infoBoard makes project planning for your customer orders flexible and transparent. The software allows the precise planning of business processes: Tasks are assigned to resources directly. Along with the Planning Board, resource managers also obtain an effective tool for the coordination of all employees. All project managers responsible for customer projects have access to the planning tool and can add new information and priorities to populate immediately.

With infoBoard, you identify bottlenecks in projects at an early stage and respond effectively with appropriate measures. Cross-resource loads are clearly displayed. The daily status displays problem solving support like the observance of milestones, and test points, thus ultimately ensuring your delivery.

With infoBoard, you plan your projects as you need them to be in your business.

The infoBoard planning board provides planning security for each department in your company: Maximum transparency of all projects, the integration of tasks and vacation planning and prioritizing the processing sequence are the perfect base for your capacity planning.

The graphic design is easy to use and provides easily comprehensible results, which are available in each area. The processing status of current orders and the utilization of your resources are readily apparent. You can flexibly assign your staff with projects. In this way, you can prioritize the order of your projects easily and intuitively. Due to the associated high transparency, you optimize the communication between all parties involved with each other at the same time - an important factor in time production.

Respond quickly and flexibly to changing circumstances with the planning board: From employee failures to customer requests for change requests - you can have the support of our planning software if needed, with numerous visual information sources in the definition of a new optimal order; thus protecting you even from ad hoc decisions to bad planning.
Regarding actual planning, the info board software enables further insights into the processes of your own company. With its  analysis, it provides a sound basis for the optimization of business processes and the development of a new best practice.

For your project planning with infoBoard we offer the following modules:

• The infoBoard InfoPro module allows you to pre-plan projects in a list and a Gantt chart. If desired, you can automatically transfer the pre-planning on the planning board and integrate it into existing project plans.
• With the infoBoard SyncExchange server module, you can easily synchronize project plans with the Outlook calendars of your employees.
• The infoBoard Business Controller module is used to analyze the planning board in terms of resource utilization, milestones as well as the level of quality, and reflects the analysis on business charts.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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