The simple way to a perfect production overview.

Planning and synchronizing processes based on ERP with the infoBoard SyncTool Server.

Simply optimize business processes with ERP - with the graphic design of infoBoard.

infoBoard is trusted as a flexible planning tool in almost any software environment: See your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with new eyes by using our system integration SyncTool Server module. You can then build your production planning easily and reliably based on ERP and obtain optimal visualization of the production planning and control systems (PPS). Changes in these systems are possible through the graphical user interface of our planning board software - and visible within 30 seconds in the entire company.

Even if your system only provides Excel or text files: Using the infoBoard Converter module, the data for infoBoard can be converted and automated writing in the interface is no longer a problem.

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Zeitstempel zeigen produktives Arbeiten

Die Zeitstempel werden durch die infoBoard Produktionszeiterfassung übermittelt und zeigen die Aktivität durch Pfeiloptik auf dem Arbeitsgang (Planungsobjekt) und auf der Zeilenbeschriftung, der Ressource.
dadurch wird das infoBoard immer mehr zum Shopfloor Dashboard, da die aktuellen Zustände und die Produktivität angezeigt werden.

Die Fertigmeldung wird durch den roten Haken und der Endfärbung in Grau dargestellt.
Ein roter Pin auf schwarzem Kreis kennzeichnet das Ist-Objekt.

Import ERP data reliably for further planning with the infoBoard SyncTool Server

Thanks to SyncTool Server, infoBoard can easily be integrated - even with individually programmed software. The data exchange can be programmed via the database interface within a very short time - with the help of our guide or even by yourself.

You can either rely on uni-directional or bi-directional operation: The uni-directional exchange used primarily by our customers enables raw importing of data from other systems. In bi-directional mode, all changes can be written to the planning board in out-tables - and are once again made available to your ERP system.

With SyncTool Server, various categories of data can be exchanged, changed and deleted: from questions about capacity to downtime. What is more, object groups, planning objects (in two special versions and two types of updates), scheduled materials, predecessor relationships, lines, products / services and object templates are easy to handle.

Import and Export can be activated individually for all types of data. In this case, all processes are based on a database. Scheduled imports from tables are easily possible - as long as the properties of simple rules of database programming are followed (e.g. unambiguities with a suffix, change type, Object ID). And the exchange is rapid and highly efficient: Thus for example, are production orders with only seven infos per cycle written to the database interface.

SyncTool server remembers excess information when exchanging data as well as any errors: Primary keys with no use are imported into the table column Idx, and unused time stamps in the time stamp column. Faulty imports make the module in Err tables visible, breaks data exchange in severe cases and optionally sets an immediate e-mail alert.

The installation of SyncTool server is as simple as all our software: It is usually like a Windows service with a small configuration program.



infoBoard Planning board provides planning security and transparency in all departments. You can get an overview of all running processes, integrate task planning and holiday planning, prioritize the order of processing, and get your capacity planning from this.
The graphical planning is easy to use and the result of the planning to quickly understand everyone.

You can assign tasks and appointments flexibly to an employee, thus determining the order and priority of a task. The Planning board and the synchronization, which can be viewed in any area, ensure that all employees are processing your current orders and that no specifications are overlooked.

Constantly changing framework conditions and uncertainties make a flexible, fast response to the existing planning necessary and require a transmission of the new appointment setting in real time.

Telephone information to other employees about the changes are only necessary if they have to be implemented immediately.

The visual assignment of tasks to employees (who, what, when, where) facilitates communication among each other. The deadline minimizes your risk and makes you a reliable partner for your customers

Using the Moduls SyncExchange, the central plant panel transmits the decentrally scheduled appointments to the mobile devices such as smartphones, iPad and more.

With the infoBoard iPhone Apps, employees could alternatively see your infoBoard calendar without managing your own appointments.

The Modul infoBoard SyncTool Server, you are able to synchronize your order data with the Planning board.

The Modul infoBoard Business Controller is used to evaluate the planning board and to analyze it in various business charts.



• Good overview, which employees are used where and where
• Excellent support for layer replacement
• Illustrative representation of the respective employee's time account


• Simple and understandable
• At the time of the decision all relevant information in sight
• Over and under occupations are highlighted in color

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