Enterprise Edition

The enterprise version of the infoBoard planning board

infoBoard Enterprise Edition (EE) is the most comprehensive planning board edition with 6,000 functionalities.

As outstanding feature it contains the worldwide unique implementation of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) for manufacturing and multiprojects.

If your answer is affirmative when wondering about the need of the points below, then you shoudl choose this edition:

- The processing time of your orders is e.g. 3 months, 1/2 year or 1 1/2 years

- Your orders are project-specific, customer projects are e.g. in machinery and plant engineering

- The processing of orders is complex and has 20-30 to 130 operations (e.g. tooling)

- All employees should work with the planning board, but they must not make changes everywhere

- The high number of temporary users in the company requires floating licenses

- You want to synchronize ERP data: then you need more automatic sorting and optimization


For a better understanding of the different possibilities, we recommend you our Video Gallery in our website.

A selection of Server Edition features:

  • Global settings: Hide columns with non-working times
  • Column properties: Fill columns with non-working time vertically
  • Define row permissions and assign user
  • Users can be grouped together and assigned permissions
  • Simulation mode: All client components (SyncTool, SyncExchange, infoPro, WebViews) react
  • Sort rows and row groups by delivery date and/or priority
  •  License model: Instead of ‘named user’, current user and floating licenses are also visible
  •  Define any shift models and assign them to rows
  • Print a project plan with a Gantt Diagram
  • Automatically lengthen or move objects that are reached by the day line
  • Plan new order groups: Cut an object group and paste it in another time period
  • Critical Chain Project Management: A buffer time can be defined for each object group, i.e. a buffer time from the end date of the last object until the order’s delivery date applies
  • Bottleneck calculation: If the waiting time since the end date of the preceding item is more than a certain threshold, the row header is changed to red. In addition, a list with details of which work packages are affected can also be generated.
  •  Fast track: automatic enforcement of prioritised orders
  • And many more...

The Enterprise Edition (EE) of infoBoard is an essential tool for your company. With its multifaceted function extensions, it is indispensable when planning.

The CCPM function stands out as a highlight of Enterprise Edition: Often complex situations and relationships cannot be visualised with Excel or Outlook. The actual core outline of the tasks and their connections to others remains visible. Thanks to the simple arrow function of CCPM, complex contexts are easily recognizable. In this way, planning becomes much more efficient: resources (time, money) are used more cost-effectively.

Critical Chain Project Management with infoBoard Enterprise

Automatische E-Mail Services in EE

Es gibt neben den autom. tgl. Erinnerungsmails und autom. Support -E-Mail Services, möglichen automatisierten Plugin E-Mails und Webserver E-Mail Diensten sowie den autom. E-Maíls des SyncExchange auch die sog. "infoBoard Aktions-Mails" in der Enterprise Edition.

Option 1

Diese E-Mails benachrichtígen nach Fertigmeldung den Nachfolger im nächsten Arbeitsgang über die E-Mail Adresse, die in dieser Zeile hinterlegt ist.

Option 2

Wird in einer Maschine/Mensch Mehrdimensionalen Beziehung die Arbeit auf der Maschine "Fertig gemeldet", erhält der Mitarbeiter der den NAchfolger auf der MAschine bearbeiten soll, eine Aktions E-Mail.


Wird eine Statusänderung auf dem Planungsobjekt vorgenommen (z.B. Material bereitgestellt), dann erhalten alle im infoBoard Server Konfiguration hinterlegten Verantwortlichen eine E-Mail.

 Option 4

Wird ein Urlaub genehmigt oder abgelehnt, erhält der Mitarbeiter eine automatische Benachrichtigung.

infoBoard Server EE Aktions-E-Mail
Konfiguration des infoBoard Server EE Aktions-E-Mail Service

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