The easy way of order monitoring

Control your orders from elaboration to planning and perfomance with infoBoard

The functions offered by infoBoard are significantly broadened thanks to our WebViews service. Being the case of IB_PanelOrder, with which new orders can be directly sent to the pool in the planning board, as well as supervising whether they are still not planned, in progress or done. The management of a business has never been so easy and visual. A light and clear classification of your orders and their status is now possible with infoBoard thanks to the colored presentation of the WebView Panel Order.

Create new orders on site and show them instantly in the planning board for a future planning

The Panel Order WebView allows you to introduce new orders in the pool of your planning board through a standardized user-defined form. All essential information for an order can be included manually in the creation form, as well as other details that may be added but not compulsory for its performance. All entries are completely user-defined, some examples are name of the order, customer, material or due date. infoBoard allows to set up unique orders for your planning board direct from home.

Maintain an overview of all your open orders in a pool and add them to the planning regarding availability

The special characteristic of Panel Order is the automatic storage of the new orders in the pool of the planning board. Instead of sending the orders directly to the planning board to any employee at any time, the unplanned orders remain in the pool. Therefore, they can be assigned later when the employee with the right capacity for the project is available. Once the orders are allocated in the planning board, they will be automatically deleted from the pool in order to avoid duplications. Likewise, it is possible to move to the pool an order that was already planned, so that it can be allocated in the future.

Control easily your orders with the WebView Panel Order

Thanks to the color strategy used by infoBoard, you can see at a glance the status of all your orders. With the presentation of the traffic light colors, it's faster to recognize how many orders haven't been planned yet or how many are still in progress. Improve the efficiency of your business with our planning software and this additional WebView. Moreover, this function allows exports to Excel and PDF documents for a better storage of the information in your administration system.

[Translate to English (UK):] IBToolShopOrder und IBMIllOrder

Erstellen Sie Aufträge direkt online

[Translate to English (UK):] Erstellen Sie Aufträge direkt online.

Mit der infoBoard Webanwendung IBToolShopOrder haben Sie einen Überblick, über all Ihre Aufträge. Sie können direkt online Ihre Aufträge mit genauem Verplanungszeitraum erfassen und diese dann unkompliziert an das Kalendarium Ihrer Plantafel senden.

Tragen Sie dazu ganz einfach das u.a. das Erstellungsdatum, das Abschlusstermin und die Auftrags-ID Ihres Auftrages online ein. Sie können außerdem noch Auftrag eine Farbe zuweisen, damit Sie den Auftrag unkompliziert auf Ihrer Plantafel wiederfinden können.

Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, vorhandene Aufträge zu bearbeiten. Fertige Aufträge werden mit einem roten Häkchen markiert, sodass Sie auch in Ihrem Browser immer im Blick haben, welche Aufgaben fertiggestellt wurden.

Aufträge mit Terminwunsch planen.

Die infoBoard Webanwendung IBMillOrder bietet Ihnen ähnliche Funktionalitäten wie IBToolShopOrder mit den Besonderheiten, dass Sie unter Anderem Terminwünsche, Auftraggeber und Teamnamen eintragen können.

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