The simple way to shift planning

Mobile visualization of your service plans

Manageable shift planning with overview of free days

With the infoBoard shift planning web applications "Shiftplan 1 to 3" You have three different options, e.g. monitor and visualize your service plan mobile.

The first variant "Shiftplan 1" gives you a mobile overview of the current occupation of the respective services in all three work shifts. You can filter the layers by calendar week. Furthermore, this Web application offers you the special feature to have the sum of the free days displayed in a separate column.

Exact visualization of the shift plan in a certain period of time

The second variant "Shiftplan 2" of the infoBoard shift planning web application allows you to display a certain period of time, as opposed to "Shiftplan 1".

View multidimensional tasks

The third variant of the infoBoard shift plan "Shiftplan 3" gives you the possibility to display the multidimensional tasks in your shift plan.

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