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Achieve business goals with the planning board infoBoard.

Reach your business goals with infoBoard

To understand 55,000x faster - Use correct planning tools

Planning your own resources helps you, approx. 25.000, - EUR, which you would otherwise have as personnel expenses in meetings with dubious results. The most important planning task is the sequence of the work plans. You can flexibly set and change tasks on the infoBoard planning board. Analysis tools like CCPM in the Enterprise Edition show you the quality of your planning

If you have a simple task, use Excel. Complexity of the scheduling in the enterprise develops, if your enterprise grows. Then there will be more orders, with more employees with more machines and more vehicles. The amount also gives you complexity. Every employee and every object has its own characteristics and availability.
Can you handle the complex task with a simple tool like Excel? With what effort? with what risk? And how much nerve does constant communication about self-evidentness cost you?
With the infoBoard planning board qualification matrix, you not only depict availability but also the qualified possibilities of your operational planning. Nothing can go wrong.
""If only I had known it" - that is a thing of the past with the right planning tool.

Interfaces, interfaces ... to ERP systems, to Outlook, to time recording systems, to GPS devices - our infoBoard converter server modules and Sync server modules link to third party systems and make data exchange easy

mobile accessibility? Web apps and apps make the planning board a handy appointment calendar

Yes, infoBoard is mainly a planning board like a magnetic board on the wall. Very simple, very flexible, multiple users plan at the same time. Production and production planning as well as assembly planning in operation, external service and maintenance planning, maintenance, customer project planning, multi-project planning, simple employee planning, integrated shift planning- have you ever combined shift planning with machine planning or still use 2 to 5 Excel spreadsheets

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