The easy way to share tasks internationally

Plan worldwide with infoBoard planning software

a) infoBoard as a global overview of production data

Planned production processes from ERP-Systems are displayed clearly using automated sequence planning and optimization with infoBoard.

infoBoard is now an Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) system. If the APS component in an actual data acquisition (Reporting Tool) expands, evaluate your system as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

b) infoBoard Business Controller as WebCockpit

The Business Controller is designed so one can view global key data in visually friendly and clear charts: A wide range of charts are available depending on your wishes.

Have you been waiting 4 to 6 weeks to retrieve past key data in Excel? The infoBoard Business Controller makes your current production and utilization, as well as future planned production figures, available every day!

c) infoBoard benefits your services globally

With infoBoard you can plan the assignments of your technicians and field engineers with your customers worldwide. Your branches have a transparent overview of possible projects in each time zone and can assign employees.

With the module infoBoard MAP, we offer a tool to support tour and route planning for global use.

Addresses can easily be imported using the infoBoard SyncTool into infoBoard. There you will find some special functions for use abroad such as monitoring VISA validity and vaccinations or evaluating of foreign holidays for tax purposes.

d) infoBoard Consulting in your company

We offer the consulting services of our industrial and mechanical engineering experts who collect facts, diagnose issues and make suggestions accordingly.

You will receive documentation and programs that allow data from your and our infoBoard system to be quickly evaluated.

Examination of existing business processes (manufacturing processes) and relevance to infoBoard

  • Analysis of weaknesses, bottlenecks, opportunities for improvement
  • Creating an interface from ERP to infoBoard
  • Development of the interface for  "smart" formatting
  • Establishing measuring points in the production process
  • Reporting and monitoring production in the infoBoard Business Controller
  • Creation of a "manufacturing quality manual with infoBoard"

e) infoBoard Consulting services

We offer expert advice for the implementation of infoBoard and its modules.

Provided is an analysis of requirements in a free personal consultation, description and price offer.

    5 day package: includes a bottleneck analysis, on-site discussions and documentation
    20 day package: includes preparing the implementation of infoBoard in all areas with on-site discussions and documentation
    60 day package: includes preparing the implementation of infoBoard in all areas with on-site discussions and all documentation

f) infoBoard Training services

We offer on-site training in up to 13 languages. Our international infoBoard experts are on-site and give training according to your specifications and also assist with the implementation. Continued contact is ensured after the on-site visit to achieve optimal planning with infoBoard. A user handbook is created so that the results are documented.

 g) infoBoard Support services

We offer global first-level and second-level support in the time zones America, Europe / South Africa, India, South-East Asia and Australia / New Zealand for the respective office hours. The third-level support is in Europe and distributed either directly or via a relevant infoBoard organization.

 h) infoBoard Programming services

We offer custom programming for your web applications. Within 6 weeks we deliver the application with documentation in your language. The programs can be developed within existing languages options.

 i) infoBoard Translation services

On request we offer delivery in any language. Within 8 weeks even the infoBoard client / server software will be delivered with the help of our translation tools in your language.

Available languages ​​are currently: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese.

infoBoard for international companies

Developed to improve operational planning in production and service, the infoBoard client / server ensures key data for business processes can now be viewed in one place.

For the first time, operational data can be viewed and evaluated by decentralized business units. Overviews of web lists and business charts can easily be compiled for each individual customer.

These are our services in an international context:

infoBoard can be used locally to make production transparent and easy to schedule . Simultaneously one receives the same planning transparency in the headquarters, where they are shown exactly how and what is produced locally.

Or infoBoard can be implemented centrally and used by several international branches. This could be assembly to build plants in other continents, services on-site internationally or simply to plan projects worldwide.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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