The easy way to effective production control.

Explore potential for optimization with the Business Controller module.

Clearly analyze resource utilization and performance of current business processes with infoBoard.

The Business controller transforms the data of your infoBoard solution to deliciously smart input for optimal processes: Receive figures in a central overview and analysis for effective planning in production and service.

Various web applications are included for Business Controller. Browser-based, they work on any computer or mobile device with technical access. No installation is necessary. The applications are password protected.

With infoBoard you can decentralize business units to view and assess operational metrics first, which is ideal for international companies and global collectors of production data. ERP systems are upgraded with the planning board software to an Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) system and are also extensible to the production management system (MES).

Process optimization with the infoBoard Business Controller: effective performance, lower costs.

The Business Controller is the smart information board module for the coordination and monitoring of production planning and control and the running of processes. With its parent steering function, the application forms the link between employees from manufacturing, production control and corporate controlling.

The infoBoard Business Controller supports the optimization process at each step: it minimizes lead times, inventory and schedule variances, and maximizes capacity utilization. The variance analysis measures for economical processes are planned and implemented. Based on the results, you can achieve your business goals better, plan better and reduce costs.

The infoBoard processes the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the company. It provides data for the efficient management and control of processes that illustrate the complex issues clearly. Corporate objectives are clear, measurable and transparent and explained on the basis of economic indicators. The figures provided by the business controllers allow meaningful comparisons within and between enterprises - provided actionable statements to process changes and goal achievement are taken into account. Differences in control tasks are identified. Thus, the data also provides a sound basis for future business decisions.

The visualization of metrics enables fast, clear statements on planning issues and improves communication within the company. The clear representation has a positive impact in many areas: improved decision quality, transparency of operational services and processes, increasing attention for sources of error and action as well as increased quality awareness. Thus, thanks to infoBoard Business Controller it is easy to spot: Optimizable processes and possible areas for action.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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