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Analize your business operations with milestones

The milestone trend analysis is a project management method used to monitor the advance of the project or to recognize delays. The Business Controller "BC_MTA" (Milestone Trend Analysis) is available with  infoBoard Enterprise Edition. It shows all the projects that contain milestones during its processes. Milestones helps managers to supervise whether the projects are ahead, on or behind schedule. Monitor, then, with infoBoard the whole development of a project through milestones.

Machine & Employment Utilization

The Business Controller BC_CapaticityUtilizationEmployment allows you to visualize and analyze the capacity utilization and utilization level for your machine and personnel forecast. The capacity is shown as a line on the graph. The demand is represented as an area. Ideally the area doesn’t exceed the capacity line. At a glance, you can identify transgressions in your planning, e.g. that the staff demand is greater than your staff capacity, so that you can act in time and take countermeasures.

Machine and Employment Utilization

Personnel requirements / contracts

With the Business Controller BC_StaffContracts, you visualize and analyze the personnel requirements in your production planning at any given hour per person.

This business controller shows you an overview of one calendar week. Staffing requirements are displayed by the hour, with each day divided first into shifts and then into hours. Per hour, the required amount of staff is displayed as a number and as an amount of colored cells below the number.


In this BC, colored cells provide immediate information about the personnel situation. The maximum personnel requirement for the entire shift is displayed in a blue-shaded shift-column. The color-coded cells in the table below give information about the hourly calculated personnel requirements at a glance. With an additional definition of available personnel, a limit can be set to clarify that the available staff has been exhausted and the demand can no longer be met by the existing personnel capacities. The yellow cells represent the covered personnel requirement. If the demand exceeds the limit and thus the capacities, the field turns orange.

The black lines at the lower end of the colored areas provide an additional graphical highlight to the daily staffing development.

Check the utilization of your employees

The infoBoard Business Controller "BC Capacity" gives you an accurate graphical overview of the utilization and capacity of each department of your company in hours. Due to the red limit, you always have in mind when individual departments are going to overloaded. The time filter allows you to perform an evaluation for any period of time. The second figure shows an example of a congested organization.

Überblick über Auslastung und Kapazität Abb. 1
infoBoard BusinessController Überblick über Auslastung und Kapazität Abb. 1
Überblick über Auslastung und Kapazität Abb. 2
infoBoard BusinessController Überblick über Auslastung und Kapazität Abb. 2
Überblick über Auslastung und Kapazität Abb. 3
infoBoard BusinessController Überblick über Auslastung und Kapazität Abb. 3

Auslastungsflächen nach Projekten

Hier werden die Aufwände pro Projekt gezeigt. Jedes Projekt hat eine Flächenfarbe. So können Sie die Verteilung der Stunden auf die Projekte sehen. Die rote Line zeigt wie gewohnt Ihre Gesamt-Kapazität.

Die Filtertechnik erlaubt den Fokus auf die Abteilungen.

infoBoard BusinessController Auslastungsflächen nach Projekten
infoBoard BusinessController Auslastungsflächen nach Projekten

Daily evaluation

Another variant of the infoBoard capacity planning is the business controller "BC Capacity Daily". The difference to "BC Capacity" is that capacity and capacity can be monitored every single day and not just over a period of time. Through the detailed daily view, holidays and weekends are filtered out of the statistics, so that you get an evaluation of the exclusively productive days in your company.

Detailed weekly evaluation

The "BC Capacity Overview Dept" business controller provides an overview of total non-working hours and downtime, total working time and free capacity per week. The total work hours of the employees in a department are displayed exactly, the absence hours are deducted from the total working time. This gives you an accurate depiction of the capacity in% and can use this evaluation to plan your resources better in the future.

Detaillierte Wochenauswertung
infoBoard BusinessController Detaillierte Wochenauswertung

Staff availability

The following infoBoard application displays the planned availability of personnel in blue and the actual availability in yellow per calendar week in a time period that you specify.

infoBoard BusinessController Personalverfügbarkeit

Auslastung mit Arbeit der Ressourcen tabellarisch

Überlastung und Rückstandsanzeige in Spalte 2. Je höher die Auslastung, desto rötlicher die Zellen.

Überlastung und Rückstandsanzeige

Je höher die Auslastung, desto rötlicher die Zellen.
Tabellarische Darstellung der Auslastung mit Überlastungs- und Rückstandsanzeige

infoBoard BusinessController Produktions Wochenauslastung pro Maschine in Zahlen

Die Auslastung kann mit Excel nicht mehr in angemessener Zeit erfolgen. Hier die Darstellung der Auslastung wie in Excel, nur schnell und sicher.

Je höher die Auslastung, desto rötlicher die Zellen. Die Schwellenwerte können Sie einstellen. Ihrer Phantasie zum Thema Auslastung sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

infoBoard BusinessController Wochenauslastung pro Maschine
infoBoard BusinessController Wochenauslastung pro Maschine

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