SyncTool Server

Your personalized SAP interface

The Infoboard SAP converter retrieves production orders or maintenance orders from SAP systems and writes them to the infoBoard SyncTool. From there you will be written to the desired area of the planning table.

Data from Infoboard is also provided on request. This applies in particular to the transmission of start and finish times of operations and the resources/cost centers chosen by the planning on the infoBoard.

With a few remote function calls and easy configuration, all desired data can be read out from SAP and converted into valuable infoBoard data!

Of course, the converter is adapted to your task.

infoBoard SAP Schnittstelle Oberfläche

Display of the SAP converter user interface: The converter connects to the system as a normal SAP client and writes your ERP information to the infoBoard planning board.

Kundensuche im SAP-Konverter

Simply import your master data into infoBoard. Example: Read and transfer customers by company codes.

SAP-Schnittstelle: Tabellen

Read complete tables and get customized solutions.

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