SyncExchange, Plantafel, Planungstafel

The simple way to the planning board synchronization

Distribute tasks to individual departmental planning panels

This product is a Windows service that synchronizes a central project planning board with many departmental plans, bi-directional.

A new project is created. The new tasks are transferred to the relevant departments.

Copies of the tasks are created on the transfer lines. These tasks are distributed manually in the department on employees. This creates new dates, which lead to the shifts on the project plan board.If a task is shared in order to allow several skilled workers to work in parallel, these split planning objects are displayed by automatically generated additional lines on the project plan panel. In addition, an additional superordinate line is created for this department, on which a higher-level planning object is generated, with the start and end of the first and last step in the department.

A line filter is generated, which offers a view of only the overview lines per project.

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