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With these web applications (WebViews), infoBoard offers you mobile access to your planning boards. You can choose from the standard applications or have individual adjustments programmed.

infoBoard WebView Ansicht infoBoard Plantafel
infoBoard WebView Ansicht infoBoard Plantafel

IB infoBoard Finish

The infoboard application IB infoBoard Finish provides you with your respective planning board as WebView, with the special feature that you have the possibility to mark the individual tasks as "completed" directly in the WebView. The tasks which were marked as completed in the WebView will be then also displayed as completed on your planning board simultaneously.

IB infoBoard Customer

With IB infoBoard Customer, the respective user can have an individual overview of all the tasks in which the user is involved or to those the user has been given a reading permisson.

IB infoBoard Global

With IB infoBoard Global, you have the possibility to have several planning boards simultaneously displayed as WebViews. In addition, you have the option of filtering specific resources that meet your previously set criteria.

IB infoBoard Global - Display 3D orders

With our customized version of the WebView IB infoBoard Global you can display a certain group of tasks. For example, 3D print orders in a content color, thus providing a clear visualization of the 3D print orders.

IB infoBoard New

Particularly suitable for you or your sales staff is the new generation of the infoBoard WebViews. Here you can offer, specify and enter assembly dates at the customer site. Telephone inquiries in the office are no longer necessary, and the appointments are immediately visible on the infoBoard planning board in your company. This means you have a consistent, interface-free disposition of your customer's appointments.

If you want to plan projects and production mobile, we recommend an infoBoard writing license on a Windows Tablet. The approximately 7000 functions of the infoBoard planning board are then available without making any concessions.

Technical advice:
The WebViews are installed on your network on a Windows Information Server (IIS). In order to have mobile access from outside, the so-called port must be configured accordingly by your router and the firewall. The access is password protected.

IB infoBoard (test bench)

With the infoBoard test bench web application, you can display entire object groups or filter by individual object groups.

With the infoBoard test web application compared to the infoBoard business controller application BC_OrderOverview, the focus at infoBoard test bench is more on the original visualisation of the planning table and less on the detailed view of the individual orders.

infoBoard Phases

The Infoboard business controller shows you for each of your resources, the start time of the first task and the respective end time of the last task of a process. The individual tasks or steps of the processes are combined into a process bar, which is represented in % for each of your resources with the corresponding process progress. For a better overview, each process bar has its own individual color, which is based on the color of the last task of the respective resource. It is also possible to filter for specific projects in this web application so that you can focus on a project, if desired.

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