The easy way to effective production control.

Explore potential for optimization with the Business Controller module.

Clearly analyze resource utilization and performance of current business processes with infoBoard.

The Business controller transforms the data of your infoBoard solution to deliciously smart input for optimal processes: Receive figures in a central overview and analysis for effective planning in production and service.

Various web applications are included for Business Controller. Browser-based, they work on any computer or mobile device with technical access. No installation is necessary. The applications are password protected.

With infoBoard you can decentralize business units to view and assess operational metrics first, which is ideal for international companies and global collectors of production data. ERP systems are upgraded with the planning board software to an Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) system and are also extensible to the production management system (MES).

The services of the converter

The infoBoard Converter recognizes data from Excel and various ERP systems and can assign, group, sort and transfer these data to the infoBoard Planning board. The automation of the entire process enables uncomplicated visualization of your ERP.

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    "With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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