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Your week and month calendar at a glance

Der mobile Wochen- und Monatskalender für Ihre Mitarbeiter

Der Wochenkalender / Monatsplaner ist der mobile Wochenkalender eines Mitarbeiters.

Anwendungsgebiet: Dienstplan für Praxis und Notfalldienste oder Monteure und Techniker, die auswärts tätig sind und Außendienstmitarbeiter, die sich selbst planen.

infoBoard Monatsplaner auf iPad, Schreiblizenz
Auf dem iPad haben Sie eine große Fläche zum Schauen.
infoBoard Monatsplaner auf iPad, Schreiblizenz
Auf dem iPhone sehen Sie eine Ausschnitt des Monatplans und "wischen" sich durch die 5 Wochen
infoBoard Monatsplaner auf iPad, Schreiblizenz, Zeiterfassung
Sie können auch die Zeiten live erfassen, einfach mitlaufen lassen
infoBoard Monatsplaner auf iPone, Schreiblizenz, Zeiterfassung
Zeiterfassung kann nun jeder, überall zu jeder zeit.

Record the working times of each worker and visualize them on your planning board

The week calendar web app is a mobile week calendar that individual employees can carry around.

Fields of application:

Roster for service providers that have mechanics, technicians and field staff working on-site and away from the office. 

Reading License:

With the reading license you can view your weekly schedule, down-times, holidays and external assignments including additional information, contact persons, telephone number, address and other assigned employees and resources.

The contact persons can be called directly just by clicking on the phone number on the object. In the same way, the addresses will open automatically with the web mapping service or route planner that is available on your phone or tablet.

Employees can give feedback by entering daily reports and ticking-off the tasks once completed.

Writing licenses:

Writing licenses assist the employee in the successful completion of tasks in such a way that he achieves set goals. 

They include all functionalities encompassed in the reading license plus:

  • Set, edit, change and delete appointments, notes and down-times.
  • Record the working time per task/order in real time.
  • Create templates for orders from a job pool and recurring tasks and schedule them as many times as you want.
  • Projects can be opened as Gantt chart.

A rights system manages the available functions to support each employee according to his responsibilities.


The Outlook synchronization also offers an appointment calendar for employees.

The IBTime Web App offers a project-oriented time recording.

WebView Working Schedule
With the daily reports you can keep your employees up-to-date.
WebView Working Schedule
It's even easier: You can customize attributes to provide specific information.
WebView Working Schedule
It allows you to schedule new down-times or tasks.
WebView Working Schedule
Simply share multiple resources with your employees.
WebView Working Schedule
Fix, start, pause and stop your task directly in the browser by clicking on the buttons.
WebView Working Schedule
You can also change the start time and the end time of a task directly.
WebView Working Schedule
Visualize your weekly and monthly appointments.
WebView Working Schedule
Double click on the object and click on the pen to edit the appointment.

Weitere Überlegungen zu den Vorteilen eines Wochenplaners finden Sie auf unserem Blog zum Thema Zeitmanagement.


Die WebApp infoBoard Schichtplan zeigt die Einteilung in Schichten wochen - und monatsweise. Einstellungen erlauben unterschiedliche Informationen zur Schichteinteilung.

infoBoard Schichtplan als WebApp
infoBoard Schichtplan als WebApp mit Einstellungen unterschiedlicher Informationen

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