The simple way to productivity

Optimizite your processes by using our value stream analyis (VSM).

Efficient optimization of processes

The Value Stream Analysis (VSM) shows the amount of the waste time. You can examine the cause of it on the planning board and fix it yourself. For larger companies with several planning boards (for example, construction, workshop, production, assembly), value streams can be defined in a higher-order way, so that the evaluation is carried out on all planning boards. This is another unique feature of infoBoard.

Overview of all the processes

You receive a graphical overview of all your current flows with the degree of completion, the exact net working time and the non-value-creating working time at a glance. Also you see a tabular overview of the start and end time, the total duration and the net working time of your individual projects.

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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