Server Edition

The server edition of the infoBoard planning board

Server Edition (SE) is the standard product of our planning board. This edition can be used in all branches/industries.

The planning of the orders takes place in a bidimensional view with your resources (employees and/or machines).

Start your real planning in less than 10 minutes! Outstanding features are the graphic design, easy understanding and multi-user capability. All planning boards have in real time the same view of the most important  in your company: the processing status or the orders.

Local and global settings make it easy to customize the product to your specific handling needs.

For a better understanding of the different possibilities, we recommend you the Video Gallery full of explanatory videos.

A selection of Server Edition features:

  • Selection of all objects in a group/graph
  • Rename user-defined attributes
  • Interval planning quarterly and annually
  • Collaborative editing of various properties of multiple objects
  • Drawing objects, downtime and holidays
  • Selection of individual days of the week for stratification (define non-working time)
  • Task list reports for object groups
  • Zoom change with mouse wheel + CTRL, horizontal scrolling with SHIFT + mouse wheel
  • Tool tips for calculation variables
  • Split objects expanded
  • Non-master items have their own start time, end time and working time
  • Delete Scope for planning objects
  • Worldwide holidays
  • Highlighting the production period (EarliestStart till LastDelivery – locale settings)
  • Available in different languages
  • Copying sample orders to the planning board
  • Define and use downtime categories
  • Manage/change existing capacities
  • Show custom attributes on planning object
  • Map modul
  • Setting the planning object
  • Global settings: same/different period for multi-dimensional planning objects
  • Define layer models and assign them to rows

As a planner you have 4 basic needs that are satisfied with the electronic planning Board infoBoard:

- Overview: Where do we stand?
- Focus: What alternatives do I have to solve a necessary plan change?
- Impact: What actually happens to the other orders when I make this planning change?
- Looking ahead: If only I had known it, I would have acted in good time

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"With infoBoard, we are able to unite availability, capacity and operational planning of humans and machines in a planning board."

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