The simple way to import Excel

Make the import from Excel spreadsheets on your Planning Board easy

Creating a new planning table with Excel

With the infoBoard import tool, you can easily display tables created previously with Excel as a planning board. You can also modify an existing planning board, import new orders into the order pool and import new orders into pool rows. To do this, transfer the desired data from Excel to the infoBoard import tool. A new planning board is generated in the infBboard import tool. Now all you have to do is open the planning board created by the infoBoard import tool in your infoBoard client.


Import new orders into the order pool

You can now import orders directly into the so-called "order pool", which is located on the right side of your planning table, using the same method as described above. As you can see in figure 5, the new order appear below the sheet view in the import tool.


Import new orders to pool rows

The third option, which you have with the infoBoard import tool, is to import tasks, which was created with Excel, directly to a so-called "pool row", which you have created on your planning board previously. To do this, read your Excel spreadsheet in the infoBoard import tool, as in the previous variants. Then the infoBoard import tool automatically transfers the new tasks to the created "pool row".

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