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WebViews are designed to provide customer-specific applications. These applications are always linked to an infoBoard Planning board. They are often used in halls, workshops or basically in the commercial sector. These applications can also be accessed on mobile devices and projects can be started.

With the WebView IB Qualification, you can see the distribution of your customers in the WebView after defining a criterion you have chosen.

Program feature

Once an Excel file, including the content, has been loaded into the WebView, you can use the program to display a variety of applications to display the desired views. Your addresses are simply imported into the IB Qualification and thus automatically displayed on a world map.

Based on the example shown above, the desired content is displayed in a map after selecting a criterion. Here, the number of workers on the individual continents is expressed as a percentage. The continents are marked in different colors.

IB Qualification is a unique program, which helps you with your approach and helps you to show your different data with a world map.

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