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  • Digital planning board for any small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)
  • Project managers can plan resources simultaneously
  • Synchronize mobile devices via MS-Exchange and iPhone app

Super easy and powerful scheduler:

Simple production planning board
Production plan with multiple status and overtime signs
Production plan with graphic signs like a magnetic white board
infoBoard order pool on the right panel, filled from a webapplication or ERP system
Highlight the infoBoard Workflow with CCPM qualifying, two components
Qualifying the buffertime consumption on the whole planning board
Analyzing with CCPM the order with correct buffertime consumption in yellow
Analyzing with CCPM the order with too much buffertime consumption in red
Multiple status information for showing the availability of material in the production
Analyzing the due dates this week and next week
infoBoard showing the timespan of value adding productive time
Module shiftplanning shows the target and the planned working hours per employee
Objectfilter shows only the chinese production on the planning board
Selected rows in the rowfilter shows utilization of bottlenecks
Production planning and row filter shows one department
Production planning and row filter shows shop floor
Production planning and row filter shows assembly and shipping

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